Full-Auto Steyr AUG (Rental)

Shoot a full-auto Steyr AUG!


The Steyr AUG is an iconic bullpup that is one of our in-house personal favorites. Compact, lightweight, and a fast rate of fire. One unique design feature of the Steyr AUG is that shooting semi-automatic and fully-automatic depends on how far the trigger is pulled. A standard trigger pull will fire 1 round at a time, while a hard trigger pull will fire fully-automatic. You don't want to miss shooting this one.

Caliber: 5.56 Nato

Rate of Fire: 680 - 750 Rounds Per Minute

Optic: Vortex SPARC

Notes: Right Handed Shooters Only

Rent this firearm by the magazine (30 Rounds Per Mag)

Full-Auto Steyr AUG (Rental)
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  • Item #: AUG-FA
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Price $45.00

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