Full-Auto Uzi Suppressed (Rental)

Shoot a full-auto Suppressed Israeli Uzi!


The Uzi is a open-bolt fired machine gun with a slower rate of fire. The slower rate of fire makes this one of our most controllable machine guns. While small in size, our Uzi is equipped with a folding stock that allows for firing from the shoulder. We even custom mounted a Holosun 507 C optic to help you get every round on target. Last but not least, we slapped a Rugged Obsidian 9 suppressor on to make this quite possibly the baddest Uzi in the midwest.

Caliber: 9mm

Rate of Fire: 600+ Rounds Per Minute

Optic: Holosun 507C

Rent this firearm by the magazine (25 Rounds Per Mag)

Full-Auto Uzi Suppressed (Rental)
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  • Item #: UZI-FA
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Price $35.00

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